Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Daily Writing Project - Day 10 - Voice

Today's Word Is:  

My voice trembles as I tell your grandmother the news. She hears the word deployment and immediately says she will pray. She tells me you will be okay.  I know you will. I placed you into God's hands before you were born. He was there protecting you the day you were run over. He has been with you every step of the way.

My heart hurts.  You will miss your sister's wedding.  She loves you so much. You have been her strength through everything. Yours was the first voice she heard. When she cried you rushed to her side and rubbed her forehead. You would speak calmly to her. No one else could pick her up without your permission. She is strong because of you.

I remember hearing your voice on the phone telling me you were coming to see me in the rehab facility after I had my knee surgery. I kept thinking your voice sounded so close. Then you rounded the corner and walked into my room. I will never tire of hearing your voice. I will never tire hearing you tell me you love me.

You have and always will be my “Sonshine”!

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Jennifer Laffin said...

This is beautiful, simply beautiful! Thanks for writing with us today, Sandra.

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