Sunday, September 24, 2017

Daily Writing Project Day 8 - Share

Today's Word is:  Share

            Jessie walked into her brother’s room and stood in front of him.   
"Share", Jessie said as she held out her hand to her brother Noah, who was holding his bag of candy. 

            “I don’t have to. This is my Halloween candy. Where’s yours?” he asked hugging his bag to his chest?

            Jessie sat beside her big brother. “Daddy took it. He said it would rot my teeth. I guess he doesn’t care if it rots his teeth because he ate it.”

            Noah saw the tears in her eyes.  He knew exactly how she felt. Her dad had pulled that trick on him when he was her age. Noah went to the kitchen and got a brown lunch bag from the cabinet. He walked back into his room and sat beside Jessie. He reached into his bag and pulled out a piece of candy. You can have this piece. She quickly unwrapped it and put it into her mouth. She watched silently as Noah dumped his candy onto the floor. She watched him separate it into piles. The gum went into one pile, the chocolates into another pile. He continued until it all the candy was separated. He looked at his sister as she licked her lips.  Next he propped two brown bags up on the floor. He began with the chocolate dividing it evenly between the bags. He left the extra pieces on the floor. When he had finished dividing the candy he counted the left over pieces. He looked at Jessie and told her to pick out five pieces. He handed her a bag and told her to put them inside.

            “That’s all your candy and this is mine”, he said. “You can hide it in your drawer so daddy won’t find it.” 

            Jessie smiled at her brother. “Thank you for sharing Noah. You are the best brother ever.” She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, then ran to her room to hide her candy.

            Noah smiled. He felt warm inside. I liked sharing with his sister because it made her smile so big.

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