Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Daily Writing Project Day 3 - Bubble

Today's Word is:

When I think of bubbles so many things come to mind. I am reminded of the gifts of bubbles I give my grandkids almost every year. I don’t believe you are ever too young for bubbles.  I also think about people who go through life as if they live in a bubble. Only those things that exist within their bubble are real to them or matter to them.  Today was different.   As I walked my seventh graders to lunch they were wound up. I reminded them twice to stop talking and disrupting classes around them. They got to the stairway and the volume increased.  They were no longer single file. They were standing in little groups all talking at the same time. I stopped and in my former kindergarten teacher voices said, “Enough, stand single file and put your bubbles in.”  Every child lined up single file with their cheeks puffed out.  We marched down the stairs to the cafeteria. Only when they reached the door and stepped in did they let the air out of their cheeks.  I giggled as I walked to the teacher’s lounge.  I had not made kids put the bubble in their mouth for 24 years.  It’s nice to know it still works.

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