Thursday, September 28, 2017

Daily Writing Project - Day 12 - Remarkable

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The life of a honey bee is so remarkable.  About two years ago my husband became a bee keeper. We went to a bee festival. He met several people and was invited to come to one of their meetings.  That was the beginning.  Since then we have obtained several bee hives.  He also removes bees.  Some of these cases have been very easy, and several have been extremely difficult cases.  His easiest removal was a swarm of bees that  had decided to take up residence in an owl house. He was able to go in and use the bee vac he made to vacuum them and the queen out.  So we obtained another hive this week.
He has had some that didn’t go quite as planned. He recently removed bees from a historical house.  They were approximately 30 feet up and way back under the roof line. They were so aggressive. When he first stepped out of his truck a bee flew up his shorts and stung his leg.  By the time he got up the ladder three of them had managed to get in threw his veil and sting him.  It is remarkable that he didn’t swell up very bad.  A friend had recommended a salve to put on his stings and between that and Benadryl there was no swelling.  The second day he went out he was approximately 10 feet from the house when they began to attack him, stinging his suit and gloves.  Needless to say they had to be euthanized. There are times you just can’t save them.

I have learned so much about bees.  The drones are all males. Their only job is to mate with the queen and then die. Any drone that did not mate with the queen will be pushed out of the hive at the end of summer and will not be allowed back in. The worker bees take care of the queen, the hive, the brood, gather pollen and nectar to make honey. They live between 30 and 40 days.  The queen can live up to five years. The bees my husband rescued from the owl house started making wax for their comb the next day.  He has a hive that is way behind on making any honey.  I am looking forward to getting our own honey from our own bees.  These insects are truly remarkable.

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