Sunday, September 17, 2017

Daily Writing Project Day 1 - Unite

I have chosen to ramp up my writing. I have let school, hurricanes and all other kinds of EXCUSES keep me from writing. I spent three wonderful weeks on Manasota Key at the Hermitage Artist Retreat this summer writing. I was working on a novel. Then I came home. Yep! That seemed to be the end of my writing. I had two days before I had to be back at school. Our IB Middle School is undergoing construction to merge with the IB Elementary School. So we had all of the confusion and discord associated with an ongoing construction site while trying to teach students. Then we had lovely Hurricane Irma bless us with her passing.  All of these obstacles thrown in my way and the garbage that accompanies them made it very difficult to write. It wasn't that I didn't want to write.  With no power and going into survival mode writing was the last thing on my mind. After returning to school there were so many changes that I had to make that writing once again got pushed to the back.  I have decided to join the Daily Writing Project. There is no signing up or anything else. She provides a word each day. You may use this word or choose your own. This is a commitment toward developing a daily writing habit.  Today's word is UNITE.

Hurricane Irma showed how we as a people in Florida, in our own towns and neighborhoods united to help one another. It may have been something as simple as taking a cup of coffee to a neighbor because they have no way of making any. It could be making a large pot of chili to share with those around who didn't have the time or the ability to cook a meal. Sharing water with those who have none. Most importantly is uniting in friendship. Meeting and making new friends that you would never have met if it weren't for this tragedy. Sharing our past and our history enriches our lives. Hurricanes can be so destructive. Yet if you look beyond the destruction you will see the way people unite to build each other up, or to help where help is needed. It is these lessons of how people unite for a good cause that we want to teach to our young people. They are our future. If we don't teach them how to unite with others what are we to expect for our future?

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Jennifer Laffin said...

I'm so glad you wrote with me today, Sandra! You took the tragedy of the hurricane and showed how the best in people united them to take care of each other. I hope the DWP continues to inspire you to return to the page every day. Keep writing!

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