Monday, September 25, 2017

Daily Writing Project Day 9 - Red

Todays Word of the Day is: 

A Letter to My Son

Red is the color of my heart. The heart that beat so rapidly for you the day you were born. When you were four, red was the color of my anger. On that day you were run over by someone who wasn't paying attention, while you and your cousins were playing in the yard.He left you lying in the yard as he drove away to his appointment. It burned a darker and brighter red the day we went to court. When the man said he didn't hit you, that you hit his car I saw nothing but red. The red was so hot they held me in the chair because I wanted to hit him. I am not a violent person. But on that day someone needed to stand up for you.  

Red was the color I saw the day you asked us to sign the papers for you to join the army. It was a fear I felt. It has always been your dream.  You wanted to know everything you could about your grandfather's time in the army. I have been so proud of you as you stood up for our country. You have seen the world. You have also sacrificed time with your own children.  My heart broke for them and your wife. She is much braver than me. Red is a strong color like you. You have always been my strength. When things were rough you always saw the bright side of everything. You made me laugh. Red is the color of your laughter I carry in my heart.  It is so funny that red is not your favorite color. You have always looked so good in that color. I choose that color to represent you, to honor you. I have to hold onto that color as you take your next journey in life. Because if I don't hold onto that color it will change to blue.

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