Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A special Poem

We have been writing poetry in my class.  I work with a great team of teachers.  The math teacher has been especially supportive.  Not only did she help students with a Percent poem but she has written some poetry and encouraged other teachers to do the same. 
Today she share that she had sat down with her 3 year old son to write poetry.  One of the poems my students completed was called an "I Am, I Was, I Will Be" poem.  they are given the beginning of a statement and then they fill in the rest.  She did the "I Am" poem with Nico.  She asked him the questions and she wrote down what he said. The only word she put in was "hooting" because he made the sound because he didn't know what the word was.  I am pleased to share this poem with all of my readers.  A talented 3 year old for sure.

 I AM   by Nico    (age 3)
I am smart and big
I wonder how the car works
I hear an owl hooting
I see a chicken
I want to drink juice
I am smart ad big
I pretend that I'm a baby
I feel sad
I touch a stingray
I worry about ice cream making me sick
I cry when I get hurt
I am smart and big
I understand words
I say I believe in chickens
I dream about playing with toys
I try to be a good boy
I hope to get another starfish like Ed
I am smart and big
Thank you Nico for sharing such a wonderful poem with my readers.

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