Thursday, February 6, 2014

Metaphor Poems

Family by Anissa
Dad is the tree trunk
  holding us all together
Mom the branches
  strong and gentle.
My brother the small
  leaves fragile.
Sunshine the bird chirping
  and singing
Sampson and Dalyla the dogs
T he twigs holding the leaves and the blossoms, and
Me the blossom
  blooming and shriveling
    all year.

Books by Aeryn
Books are pathways to new lands.
The words are the adventure, the people, and things,
The pages are the world that holds my dreams.
The binding is the sense that keeps things together,
The cover is the atmosphere, protecting us from space,
 and causing weather.

Family by Kaden
My family is a mighty house.
My dad is the skeleton,
sturdy and strong,
My mom’s the electric lines,
which help us do what we do.
My sister is the walls,
And she helps cover up small cracks.
My dogs are the flooring,
So we can run around in joy, and
I am the decor,to add meaning and value to  my house.

Family by Eliana
My family is a river.
My Dad is the steady flow that keeps things going.
My Mom is the bank, keeping the river and everything in it together, making sure all is well.
Jakob, my oldest brother, is the fish lazily swimming back and forth, just going with the flow.
I am a tadpole, almost grown, and my brother Josiah is a frog, constantly fighting over lily pads.
P.J. our cat is a water snake, a black flash in the water eating anything he can get.
Annie, our dog, is a big rock in the middle of everything.
Willow is a cattail, hiding among twisting roots and plants, closely secured to the bank.

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