Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Free Verse Poetry

Baby Sisters by Eliana

Cute little laughs and giggles
Frizzy hair and bright eyes
Big toothy grin, wide silly smile
Chews on everything and anything
Cries and whines, whipers and pout

*Sigh* she's a handful
Baby sister, Big or sall
You can't help but adore them
chubby legs, her big first steps!
Now she's eating! There goes her first tooth!

She grows so fast, she's big in a jiff
More work than ever
Because now, oh dear, she's a toddler!
Yes, Baby sisters, so very cute....
I wish I had one!

Broken by Isabella

I have fallen
Deep beneath
No where to run
Broken hearted
On the cold concrete floor.

A glimpse of light
I look up to see
A path to a better life
Runing as fast as I can
The door opens.

One last chance
It's now or never
Think it through
No istakes
Make my move.

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