Saturday, February 1, 2014

Free Verse Poetry by my Students

The War by Kaitlyn 

A horrible thing
It never stops
Bombs being thrown
Many people die.
God would make this world different

If there was none of this
People would rather die
than sit through it
Missing in action
or killed

It’s a gruesome sight.
We pray for the soldiers
We thank them for going.
We made a wall to remember
A day to thank and a war to hate

Joy  by Aeryn

Joy is a burst inside of me.
It starts off small and grows as a monster inside
This "monster" helps lift my spirits.
It never goes away.
joy stays hidden in my heart until I need it most.

This great feeling pops up in everybody.
It is there when needed most ad still is from that point on.
Those who have an empty heart with nothing but sorrow can never truly live life
To experience things in the best way possible you must nurture it and let it grow
You must never give up on it because even if joy isn't there it will be eventually, you need patience.

Joy is happiness with a stronger potential.
happiness is for the moment.
Joy is forever.
It is like a best friend who strengthens you and never leaves you behind.
They stay forever to help you rise up.

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