Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Personification Poems

-Pencil Sharpener- by Eliana
Gobbles my pencil,
And gives it a shave,
Then spits it back out
Quit pleased with it's dinner

-Mr. Rock- by Eliana
He wears a coat of moss
He stands still, looking like a boss
His face is hard, he show no emotion
While he looks over the riverbank
Helping the minnows and tadpoles along

-Backpack- by Dylan A.
I unzip his mouth
Reach for my books he ate
Feed it my homework
It climbs on my back and goes wherever I go.

-Tape Dispenser- by Dylan A.
Reaches its sticky tongue out
I rip it off with its teeth
Keeps my stuff together
It has a serious under-bite too.

-Mirror- by Hailey
Mirror, mirror on the wall-
Whether big or very small,
Women look at you I vain
In hopes to see themselves young again.
But you close their eyes you whisper lies-
“You’re dirty! You’re ugly! You’re fat!”
You hold the in your iron vice
Making them tremble like so many mice.
Many girls have gone astray
Because of you and your evil ways.

-Waterfalls- by Aeryn
Rushing water over rocks.
Roaring in the forest deep into the night,
Freefalling down into a lake below,
Settling into a calm stillness
till it is disturbed again.

-Cars-by Kaden
I hear their engines howling, and barking
eatnig their owners and other things,
and apparently they don't taste good because
they eventually spit and barf them out.

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