Monday, February 3, 2014

Even More Free Verse Poetry

Untitled by Ngan

The red dripped down
I felt like a fool
You took me for granted
I was a little toy
My pain somewhat
a joy to you.
I never thought I
could or would
but I did and
my thoughts wandering
with evil thoughts.

Tea by Sarah

Tea can be sweet or bitter.
There are so many flavors to try.
Tea is so delicious with it's herbs and leaves
No carbs without sweeteners.
So many different concoctions to try!

It can soothe a sore throat with honey.
it can be served hot or cold!
Oh how I love war tea on a cold day,
or some cold tea on a hot summer day!
Tea is a wonderful treat that you can drink!

Tea is amazing!
So many cultures would agree!
Just ask India or London and you will see!
Tea is not only yummy but ca be healthy too!
Tea is fantastic! Just try a cup or two!

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