Monday, February 10, 2014

Narrative Poem by Gaurav

The Circle and Square by Gaurav

There once was a circle and a square
They both had 40 pounds of hair.
The circle and the square were very good friends
Until one day, that came to an end.
This happened when, they were ten.

The circle said he was round  and clean
But the square said he was crisp and lean
Sot they were mad about who was more cool
Then one of them picked up a stool
They got into one big ong fight
Which, at last for me, was not a pretty sight.

The circle threw a folder at the square
But that was something he could not bear
So the square just threw a book
Then the circle returned it with a look.
At the end, they were bleeding very bad
But even then, they were pretty darn mad.

The fight ended when the square broke its side
Then the circle got scared because it thought he died.
So the square went to the hospital,, with the circle in the waiting room
The circle right now, was in doom
He prayed and prayed for the square to be alright.
Then the square came out all clean and bright.

The circle jumped up and down
But square just started to frown.
From that day, they were very good friends.
They never got into any more fights.
The circle and the square let their hopes bend.

But now I’ve gotta go, so the End.

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