Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Creature Alliteration by Jacob W.

The furpluffian lives in a fissure filled with french fries.
The furpluffian eats french toast with filthy fish.
The furpluffian loves to fluff its fur and dip France in fondue.
The furpluffian is a friendly farmer who finds file oil.
The furpluffian fraked the fissure underneath my home to
dig for french toast.

the smetlessian lives where serpents slither smugly around scrumptious sausage.
The smetlessian sucks Swedish sausage through its snout.
The smetlessian loves Sarasota's savory, spicy, salsa dancing.
The smetlessian spits out sharp salamanders with shartace skin.
the smetlessian spat a shartace salamander onto my salad!

The clawfobian lives in the crazy clouds where no one else can cling or climb.
the clawfobian eats creepy, crawly crustacious cras.
The clawfobian likes to caress crazy cats who nest in Colorado or California.
The clawfobian is a crazy kooky, cookie chef.
The clawfobian caught my cocky cousin Carl.

The abriconian lives on an awesome, adventurous aptitude, peppered with ally cats.
The abriconian eats afluential , alliterating, amazing actors.
The abriconian likes acting out awkward actions with atrocious attitudes.
The abriconian is an ugly, awkward, apple eating, awesome onomatopoeic.
The abriconian ate my amazing alliteration about the abriconian.

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