Friday, February 14, 2014


I am J
I wonder about life
I hear singing
I want to be a football player
I am J
I pretend I am a ninja
I feel like a sac of potatoes
I touch fishes swimming in the sea
I worry about dying
I cry for my daddy
I am J
I understand my life
I say I want my daddy
I dream my daddy will come home
I try to be good
I hope I can survive
I am a leader
 I was a liar
I wondered about life
I heard people talking junk
I saw fighting
I wanted it to stop
I was a liar
I pretended to be brave
I felt hurt
I touched Jesus
I worried about my future
I cried because of him
I was a liar
I understood my father
I said it was okay
I dreamed it would be better
I tried to feel sorry
I hoped I was sorry
I was a liar
I will die
I wonder when
I will hear why
I will see how
I will want to live
I will be dead
I pretended I was alive
I will feel the bullet shoot me
I will touch my wound
I will worry that it is over
I will cry it hurts
I will be dead
I will understand life
I will say goodbye
I will dream greater dreams
I will try to survive
I will hope I do
I will be dead

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