Thursday, February 13, 2014

Monsters by Aeryn

It was late at night when I did see
A pair of eyes staring up at me.
I was so scared I started to scream
But the monster jumped out with a team.
They picked me up and carried me away
And I knew I wouldn’t live for another day.

The sun was rising in the east
When I finally woke and saw the beasts
They were big, and round, and very fluffy.
So they sort of reminded me of a puppy.
One by one they introduced themselves
It turns out there were twelve.

Bob, and Joe, and Steve are three
But nine more there must be.
There’s clink, and clank, and their father Hank
Each one is as big as a tank.
Nelly and Kelly are the girls on the squad
They’re very good friends with their brother Tod
Fred, Ed, and Jim were last
These giant creatures were called Carlitrasts.

Each one had brown mangled hair
That didn’t have very much care.
Their eyes were large and very curious
Not at all scary or dangerous.
They all have very large round paws
And floppy ears, but no claws.

I pleaded with them to let me go
Ed said negator, because there’s something I should know.
He said you are not safe back there
So that’s why we will keep you in our care.
You will sta here till the end of time
Eating cheese and home grown limes.

The group then left me in the cave
Wondering if I would be saved.
I looked around and could not see
Anything that could help me.
All I saw was deep dark lack
Light was something this cave did lack.

All of a sudden something shown from above.
I looked up and saw a dove.
It turned out it was just a dream,
I thought and thought “what could this mean”?
That dove was hanging from my fan
The Carlitrasts were on my tiny van.
The cave was the darkness in m y room

So much for the monsters taking me to my tomb.

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