Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Color Poems

Red by Kaitlyn
Red is the color of the sunset
Red is the color of the sun,
Red is the color of blood.
Red is the color of the stripes on our flag.
Red smells like death.
Red tastes like strawberry.
Red sounds like a gunshot.
Red looks like a path to death.
Red feels like sadness.
Red makes me cry.
Red is a color of our freedom.

Pink by Eliana
Pink is the color of spring flowers.
Pink is the sunset and sunrise.
Pink is happy and bright.
Pink is the color of my mom’s pajamas.
Pink sells like fancy perfume.
Pink tastes like sweet, sticky cotton candy.
Pink sounds like a baby’s laugh.
Pink feels like soft fluffy clouds.
Pink makes me smile wide.
Pink is the color of willows nose.

Green by Aeryn
Green is the polluted river.
Green is what I feel when I’m sick and envious.
Green is walking in a field of flowers and clover.
Green is the bushes growing on the side of the road.
Green smells like crushed leaves in the palm of my hand.
Green tastes like sipping tea outside.
Green sounds like critters chirping in the tall grass.
Green looks like leaves rustling in the wind.
Green feels like a lazy day in the middle of summer.
Green makes me feel like sitting around doing nothing.

Green is the thumb of a plant expert.

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