Friday, February 7, 2014

Sam's Alphabet Poem

Atrociously ugly, can sometimes go
Ballistic. His kitty
Cat Claws
Delve into empty points during an
Extremely petty argument.
Freakishly ugly, it's
Hideous, disgusting,
I want to throw up!
Jumpy, spastic, his actions make me
Leering across the aisle, so scary, it
Makes me tremor, clench my fists in terror.
Nullity to his actions, my anger
Over the top. Everyone is
Peeping, stealing looks, an eighth as pretty as a
Quail, we could put him in a zoo, a sign says,
"Retching Affair!" His choices are
Slippery, there's always a catch.
Taller than us all, we'll barf while looking
Up! I am
Vexed by his insolent in perplexity,
White lies so visible. Not my friend
Xavier, he's Garret. Thinks he's so old, but
Zany, odd, strange, all are Garrett.

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