Friday, February 14, 2014

One Little Star by Eliana

One little star
in the middle of the night
shivering in fright
There was a little star who was very far
From her home.

She felt very alone
She looked high into the sky
Te moon was smiling bright
:Come home, little star" He cried
"You are so very far!"

The little star shed a tear
For she had fallen to the EArth
And rested in the waves.
She pictured her family
Safe in the moons great caves.

And her salty tears were qickly washed away.
For way down deep
Where there wasn't a peep
There was a dear old whale

She saw a bright glare
And it quickly gave her a scare
To see a little star
resting in the waves
The whale did care.

For she rose up andtouched the air
The little star was drooping.
She ws very gloomy
Though suddenly she stood on a glossy rough back.

The back of a great gray whale
She cried with delight
:I thought I was out of sight!"
The whale smiled and let out a groan
For she had swallowed too much sea foam.

She gave a great gurgle
And then she hurtled
The poor little star to the sk
For she had spat
A great torrent of water.

From a hole in her back.
the little star flew higher and higher
past the couds and gulls
Up into the atmosphere
She did not feel any fear.

"I'm going home!" she smiled wide.
The moon welcomed her with pride.
The star shone brightly in the night.
"Thank you, dear whale!" she cried.
another spray of water was the only reply.

The little star landed softly
And was warmed by her mother's smile.
As they embraced wide eyes
stared up from her mother's arms
She held a tiny baby star.

Twinkle was her name
The little star took her baby sister
And held her the wrong way.She lost her grip
And watched Twinkle tumble away.

All around were many gasps
As Twinkle fell farther and farther.
But the little star did not fear
for far below, in the sea
A gentle old whale was waiting.

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