Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sensory/Emotion Poems

Sadness by Hunter
Sadness is bruised purple,
It sounds like someone crying.
It smells like death.
It tastes like salty tears.
It looks like red faces
Sadness feels like heart break.

Peace by Aeryn 
It sounds like cats purring.
It smells like roses.
It tastes like candy.
It looks like a picnic.
peace feels like having fun.

Joy by Aeryn
Joy is bright yellow.
it sounds like laughter.
it smells like pudding.
It tastes like pomegranates
It looks like a sunset.
joy feels like a warm blanket.

Anger by Aeryn
Anger is dark red.
It sounds like cybals crashing together.
It sells like burt popcorn.
It tastes like bitterroot.
It looks like a town after a tornado.
Anger feels like a storm raging inside of you.

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