Sunday, February 9, 2014


Tankas by Gloria

Beautiful mountains
Rivers with cold, cold water
White cold sow on rocks
Trees over the place with frost.
White sparkly snow everywhere

Shadows dance around
trees waving branches wildly
leaves cracking loudly
the glistening, clear blue sky
an intricate web of life.

On a sunny day,
When the leaves are shimmery, 
colorful, and bright,
it is clear to all who see
trees are lovely in the breeze.

A bright, sunny sight
daisies light a dark morning
Add siles, serene thoughts
sadness will be kept at bay
happiness "rules" a good day.

Tanka by Mycah

Pretty colored trees
That are purple, yellow, red
Twirlig leaves in sky
Surrounded by the white fence
And the sky shining bright blue.

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